Do you know? That they are certain things people are not open to. I mean lot happens in local places that makes life more beautiful.

 For instance, looking into a life in a small swampy area in Egbe, Lagos, Nigeria.

Although, they might lack some benefit of life and modern era, but know that they also have a lot of benefit compare to the disadvantages.

In august, i visited a area in my country. I learned from the people that in this period they are always at work and prayer because of the problem of flood. In this period this flood brings a lot of fish to the community which the people around feed from. After that month is gone, their problem is over.

Do you know? The advantage in this area is that when other area are complains about the heat, it a different story in this area. It is always cold and natural in the area and is bless with everything. I noticed even when they are living in a swampy rural area; they are brilliant, educated and endowed with nature love.

NOTE: the fact about this community is that they are happy and courageous, not located on the map, and have advantage of farming but lack government assistance.

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